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White House Garden Petition

Here’s a great blog post linking to a petition to our next president to plant an organic garden in part of the White House’s 18 acres of lawn, like has been done in the past. In a time where food prices are rising, this would be a great example for the rest of the country to attempt to grow food in our own yards.

Read the post on DigginFood (there’s a video you can watch about it),
and then click to sign the petition.

Yum, I can't wait to eat you!

Yum, I can't wait to eat you!

P.S. A few of my grape tomatoes are finally starting to redden!!


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“Green This!” Book Reviews

The two books in Deirdre Imus’ series, Green This, are both very informative.

Vol. 1: Greening Your Cleaning
I’m going to have to buy this one to keep on hand as a reference. She categorizes by room in the house and within each room gives specific tips, products, homemade recipes, etc for cleaning various surfaces. She also gives great background info on why it’s important to detoxify our cleaning routines.

Vol. 2: Growing up Green: Baby and Child Care
I didn’t read this one all the way through (library books are due back today and can’t be renewed this time around!) but I will definitely check it out again when I have another one on the way. What I did read was helpful in understanding how the environment affects our children (diseases & other medical conditions, like asthma & ADHD for example). One reference I found particularly cool was her list of websites for companies that sell natural (non PVC, pthalate, etc) toys.

I will be adding these to the Gidget Goes Home aStore if you’d like to get a copy!

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Farmer’s Market Finds

Yesterday after church we went to our town’s Farmer’s Market. We’ve been going for a while now, pretty regularly (it runs here from late spring-fall), and it’s always fun to pick up some local fare, and usually Chiquita will get to see a couple of doggies which makes her very happy.

Early on, I was disappointed by the lack of farmers. There were booths selling sausages (yummy ones!), Tupperware, dip packages, burritos, etc, but only one booth with produce for sale. This was a bit different from the abundant spreads you’ll find at a California Farmer’s Market, such as the ones we used to frequent in San Luis Obispo and Huntington Beach.

But here in Colorado, the farmers have finally come out as summer crops are now in full swing, and in Highlands Ranch, our market has now grown to have at least five farm booths, with quite a variety of produce.

Here’s a photo of the lovely assortment of goodies we got for only $8.75… all this! Such a good deal! We had a salad for dinner last night, and the locally-grown lettuce was decidedly tastier than the store-bought variety, as I expected! Not only does eating local taste better, but it’s better for the environment because your food is not using up precious gas to arrive to your local grocery store from afar. Plus it feels nice to support the farmer who is handing you your produce with a smile.

Yummy lettuce, onions, cucumbers, cantaloupe & peaches.

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My Cosmetics Reviews

I’ve been working on a spreadsheet of some reviews of the new, natural cosmetics and skin care products that I’ve tried. Here’s what I have so far! I’ll let you know when I update it!

There will also be a link on the right for this if you want to access it later. Please leave comments if you try one of these items and have any further comments!
Click here:
Nicole’s Cosmetics Reviews


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Here’s an educational, and actually quite entertaining, short video (about 20 min.) about Stuff, going through the stages Extraction, Production, Distribution, Consumption, Disposal. It gives an interesting background on consumerism and how our country wasn’t always all about shopping, using, wasting, etc. like we seem to be now. And to be honest, a lot of what she says just makes sense.

Click HERE for the video.

On a spiritual level, I think the bombardment of stuff we “need” by the media is a major contributer in our putting people & things above God in our daily lives. In a book I’m reading called No Other Gods, the author, Kelly Minter, says,
“We’re at a significant disadvantage when it comes to the barrage of information society and the media continually propagate… We are constantly bombarded with what is sure to make us “happy” and “satisfied.” (Although it rarely feels like bombardment– that would be too easy to discern!) It feels alluring and promising, packaged in glossy magazines and inviting comercials, on gripping sitcoms and melodic pop songs, on the bodies of models and even in the words of friends. I don’t know how to fashi0nably state this except to say that we are being lied to every day, and greater still, we are being deceived by those lies (page 58-59).”

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G*reen Baby!

This whole green kick of mine really got started with cloth diapers. It’s a lot easier than I thought and definitely better for the environment than tossing away a million “landfill” diapers as I’ve heard them be called. We use about 2-4 disposables a day still (overnight and going out of the house for more than a quick trip), and then use cloth or hybrids at home.
Moondoggie even put up a clothesline for me as I read that the sun naturally bleaches out clothes! Not enough room for a full load of adult laundry, but I can at least do some of our laundry outside.

I use Bum Genius cloths along with gDiapers, which are hybrids with flushable inserts. I really like the gDiapers best as they are less bulky, but the inserts can be expensive, so I started using the cloth, microfiber inserts in them and it works great!

And look how cute little Chiquita looks!
The “little g pants” by gDiapers seem like they were made just for our Little G!!

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Community Supported Agriculture

Today’s post is about an awesome program called CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). I had never heard of it until my friend Sarah (yep, my #1 research assistant again) told me about it. She and her husband get a box of fresh vegetables delivered to them every other week from a local farm- it’s whatever is in season, and sometimes she doesn’t even know what something is, which I think is fun!

The way it works is you subscribe to a farm and this is good for both parties: the buyer gets yummy, in-season veggies, grown locally delivered to them or to a nearby central location for pick-up; and the farm knows in advance that it will have a steady “membership” of customers to buy its crops. I always like the idea of buying local and helping out small businesses. In addition you are helping out God’s green earth by buying locally (which lowers costs of transportation, i.e. GAS)!

Keep in mind that in some areas you have to subscribe for a whole year, different farms might start their subscriptions at different times (and they do fill up), and they also may have different deliver schedules. Some farms allow you to subscribe for different amounts too, like say if you have a family of 4 versus only 2.

Local Harvest is a great resource where you can look for CSA programs in your area. And if you want more info, just google Community Supported Agriculture for plenty of info! For those of you on the Central Coast, even Cal Poly has a CSA program- one more reason to live in SLO! This was taken from my alumni email newsletter today:
Summer is almost here, and so are plenty of fresh-picked vegetables from the Cal Poly Organic Farm produce subscription program. The Organic Farm is now taking summer subscriptions for its Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA). Subscribers receive a box of fresh-picked produce weekly.

Contents vary depending on what’s ripe and in season. Summer season crops include lettuce, leafy greens, tomatoes, squash, onions, spinach, beets, carrots, fennel, eggplant, corn, bell peppers, melons, and more.
<Details on the produce subscription program>>


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