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Homemade Cloth Diaper Liners

We use BumGenius one-size pocket cloth diapers and gDiaper hybrids during the day. In order to make the few we have last longer, I made a few extra liners out of 3 layers of microfiber towels cut to 6.5″ x 12′”. I just sewed a simple zig-zag around and then applied some Fray-Check to the edges because, man, does cut-up microfiber make a mess! Definitely keep a lint-roller handy when you make these! 🙂

Ready to be sewn together.

close-up for edge on finished liner

close-up of edge on finished liner

Stay tuned for more cloth diapering tips in this coming weekend’s edition of Gidget’s It’s The Absolute Ulitmate!


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Just Found a Reason to Knit…

I do a lot of crafts… more on that later… but knitting is something I’ve never learned how to do! Mom crochets, so that’s my yarn-craft of choice, but I’ve only ever made blankets (which take me an eternity) and scarves.

Then I found this project, and have now decided that I must learn to knit, if only to make this sweater. Although the more I think about it, there are lots of cute things I could make with two needles and a skein of yarn! I’m not sure when I’ll get started, but it’s out there on the horizon. I’ve never been that great at learning crochet techniques from patterns/books, so I may have to wait till I get back to California to have my knitter (is that a word) friends give me some live lessons.  I know my girl Emma does it, anyone else out there a knitter?

Note: I found this project HERE on the Flint Knits Blog. She offers a free pattern a cute pictures.

What are your favorite knitting patterns/projects? Does anyone have any advice for a novice knitter?


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First Craft Post!

Maybe you’re wondering what being “green” and being crafty have to do with one another (or maybe it’s obvious to you!) … well for me, one of the benefits of having some craft skills (thanks, Mom!) is being able to make things I would otherwise buy. I still have to buy the materials, but usually it costs less, and if not, I at lease get the pleasure of making it and seeing my craftsmanship. It also is a fun way to give gifts for me!

Here’s a project I made recently– a pretty checkbook cover. I also made a similar one (different fabrics) for my mom for Mother’s Day. I got the tutorial from a fun blogger, Kristine, here. She has a link to her tutorials on the right, under her cute little-girl picture. I found her by way of Sew, Mama, Sew, an awesome reference for sewing.

Here it is! I love it, thanks Kristine!
Secret tip: I stole the plastic off my former checkbook cover to use with my duplicate checks! Ignore my crooked stitching by the way! 😛

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