SuperMarkets and Snacks

Here’s a nice little article/interview sent to me from #1 research assistant Sarah about supermarkets.

I like this quote:
It’s clearly good to have fewer pesticides in the soil and water–not to mention in your body and your children’s bodies–which is why it’s good to buy organic. But organic junk food is still junk food.

I think she makes a good point here. We definitely need to read labels, even on organic foods, but I will say that I’m glad there are (organic) alternatives out there for snacks that are better than the name brand versions.

My main thing with these snack-type foods right now is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)*, which I’m trying to avoid. Here are a few yummy snacks that I buy for Gigi (and mommy & daddy too).

  • 365 Organic Quack’n Bites (a Gigi-friendly alternative to Gold Fish)
  • Cascadian Farm Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (David’s new Favorite!)
  • TJ’s “This Blueberry Walks Into a Bar…” Cereal Bars
  • O Organics for Toddlers (Safeway) Organic Cereal Bars
  • Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer (not for Gigi, don’t worry!!)
  • TJ’s Joe’s Os or Cascadian Farms Os
Do you have any tasty (& healthier than name brand) snack recommendations to share?And while we are on the subject of grocery stores, let me again mention how much I desperately miss Trader Joe’s out here in Colorado! (Heck, we did drive 5 hours once to go to one!)

*Check Gidget Goes Green again soon for a post with more information on HFCS, and why I don’t like it.


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2 responses to “SuperMarkets and Snacks

  1. The Cedarlane Natural Foods Cedarlaneoholic

    Hello Nicole,

    Since you're asking about snacks, how about Cedarlane's all natural, organic, low fat Bean, Rice & Cheese burrito.

    Ranked number two "Best Food In Your Supermarket" by Men's Health magazine. Our Three Layer Enchilada Pie was number one.

    If you haven't tried Cedarlane I'd be happy to send you some VIP coupons, good for any Cedarlane product at no cost.

    Here's our complete menu.

    If you want to take me up on my offer just email your street address to

    Best regards,

    Dailey Pike
    The Big Cedarlaneoholic

  2. I’m in Colorado too and the closest one to us is a 4 hour drive away in Santa Fe – I try to go 3-4x a year and stock up!!!

    J 🙂

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