Win Free Cloth Dipes!

I just entered and you can too.
the Baby Cheapskate blog is giving away free Bum Genius diapers (my cloth dipe of choice!).
Here’s the link:



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2 responses to “Win Free Cloth Dipes!

  1. Hi Nicole. I’m Kelley Stopnik’s sister-in-law. Blair’s brother Sean’s wife. We’ve met before at the Rock Kills Kid show and Kelley’s b-day. I found your blog through the Stopniks’ blog. I was so excited to find a fellow “green” supporter. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. I am about to embark on the cloth diapering journey. I ordered some Fuzzi Bunz to start and will also be ordering some Bumgenius. Do you have any helpful cloth diapering tips? What type of detergent do you use? Thanks so much for writing about your cloth diaper adventures. I seriously felt encouraged to try it, when I read your posts. We plan on visiting Denver soon. Hopefully, we can get together and talk “green”.

  2. gidgetgoeshome

    Hi Nena, I totally remember you! I’m glad to have encouraged you! 🙂 Here are the first couple of posts I did on cloth diapering on our family blog:

    As of now, I use the cloth dipes (or gDiapers) during the day at home, and we still use disposables at night and when we go out.

    I’ll try to post a new blog soon on cloth diapering tips, now that I’ve been doing it for a few months.

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