My Cosmetics Reviews

I’ve been working on a spreadsheet of some reviews of the new, natural cosmetics and skin care products that I’ve tried. Here’s what I have so far! I’ll let you know when I update it!

There will also be a link on the right for this if you want to access it later. Please leave comments if you try one of these items and have any further comments!
Click here:
Nicole’s Cosmetics Reviews



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2 responses to “My Cosmetics Reviews

  1. Adamgv

    Women need to be empowered more in general. They need to use their looks for good rather than use them for personal selfish persuits. When you get a moment check out: .

  2. Emmyshell

    Hey Nicole,

    Thanks for the spreadsheet.

    FYI I got the Blue Lizard, Baby Lizard suncream ($9.99 a tube) from CVS and have been using it on Cassia – so far so good. No burn, no rash (she has sensitive skin)and I like the way it goes on/stays on.


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