G*reen Baby!

This whole green kick of mine really got started with cloth diapers. It’s a lot easier than I thought and definitely better for the environment than tossing away a million “landfill” diapers as I’ve heard them be called. We use about 2-4 disposables a day still (overnight and going out of the house for more than a quick trip), and then use cloth or hybrids at home.
Moondoggie even put up a clothesline for me as I read that the sun naturally bleaches out clothes! Not enough room for a full load of adult laundry, but I can at least do some of our laundry outside.

I use Bum Genius cloths along with gDiapers, which are hybrids with flushable inserts. I really like the gDiapers best as they are less bulky, but the inserts can be expensive, so I started using the cloth, microfiber inserts in them and it works great!

And look how cute little Chiquita looks!
The “little g pants” by gDiapers seem like they were made just for our Little G!!

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  1. Yaya & Papa

    Oh so adorable in her “gDiapers”!! Of course, we think she is the cutest little baby ever! We love you lots, Gigi!!

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