BPA- yikes!

I’ve been trying to research BPA- that dangerous chemical found in plastics, and canned food. Here’s an interesting timeline of it (I mostly skimmed until the last section on the most recent events)— click HERE. I also posted a link in the sidebar with general BPA info.

I’ve never been a big fan of Wal-Mart but I appreciate their being proactive on this , and I’m stoked about Nalgene’s new products (although bummed about needing to throw away the million nalgenes we have). Here’s some good news (taken from linked article above):
“April 18-21, 2008: Major manufacturers and retailers abandon BPA in plastics.
Within days of the NTP and Canadian judgements major BPA manufacturers including Playtex (which makes bottles and cups) and Nalgene announce a shift to BPA-free products. Major retailers including Wal-Mart and Toys R Us announce they will quickly phase-out BPA-containing baby bottles.” Links: [Wal-Mart to phase out BPA] [Toys-R-Us – BPA phase-out] [Nalgene goes BPA free]

I’m a little worried about canned food though. I’d like to eat more fresh food rather than canned anyways, but sometimes they make for an easy meal or ingredient in a dish. Do we (especially pregnant moms & babies) need to stop eating canned soups/beans/etc until the BPA is removed? Why isn’t the FDA halting the use of it in food products anyways when the research has proved it to be toxic? Any thoughts on this?


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